RV Meetup at Oyster Point

On Friday my human took me to Oyster Point in South San Francisco for a small RV meetup. This was my first trip in the Majestic and I was a little scared at first, but I got pretty comfortable on Meowmy’s lap while she drove the RV.  I was a little weary when we arrived, hiding in the corner of the above cab queen-sized bed, but then my Meowmy took me outside and I was really excited once I saw the beautiful view of the bay! At first I was on a leash, which I really hate, so I was limited to the picnic table area where the RV folks were cooking. Then finally Meowmy let me off the leash and I went to explore the rocks along the shore. I had the best time checking all the crevices while seagulls flew around. It was pretty chilly out so the humans went inside the Majestic to eat.  I joined them inside, curling into the soft blanket while listening to the RV talk. It got really dark out but Meowmy took me for another walk on my leash until I started shivering. Meowmy bundled me up in her jacket so I could get warm, where I ended up taking a nap along her midriff as she and the other humans walked along the pier. On our way home we picked up our roommate Lucas from the airport and I got to enjoy the comfort of his lap and petting the rest of the way home.


What a great first RV adventure! Mommy has been talking about a 4 day trip to Anaheim for some convention named NAMM in a few weeks. Not sure yet is she’s taking me…

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