First Roadtrip to California’s Central Coast

Meowmy didn’t get to go to NAMM last month as originally planned because she was really sick, so instead she took me to a week long trip to the beautiful Central Coast of California once she felt better.  I was a little afraid at first because this was the longest time I’ve ever been in a vehicle, but I got used to it and got comfortable in the RV, especially on Meowmy’s lap!


After a three hour trip down Highway 101, we ended up in Grover Beach and visited my human’s good friend JC who let me explore his house.  This is were I met my new cat friend Helena, who’s the cutest tuxedo girl cat with a mustache and racer stripe.  After the visit and a great dinner, we spent our first night in the Majestic near the Shell Beach area of Pismo Beach along a nice frontage street along the 101.  Meowmy was a bit restless at first as we cuddled together for our first overnight in the RV.  The next morning we took a walk on Avila Beach, followed by breakfast while enjoying the beautiful view.  We took a drive along Shell Beach, enjoyed another walk near the cliffs watching the crashing waves, then headed to Dinosaur Caves Park for some more exploring.  I haven’t been to so many places along the ocean before and enjoyed every moment of it!  After a nice nap in the RV, we headed to Montaña de Oro to watch the sunset and then found a lovely overnight spot in Los Osos.

We woke up to a rainy day, but that didn’t stop us from taking a morning walk in Morro Bay.  Meowmy took me on an enjoyable adventure around Morro Rock and let me explore the terrain.  From there we drove up to Cayucos, which is a lovely little town along the beach.  My human spent the rest of the day visiting her high school friend and family while I enjoyed a hilltop view of the beach in the RV.  The day ended up with fun walk at dusk, followed by movie time and falling asleep to the sound of waves.

Our last day was beautiful and sunny, so my human and I went for our usual morning walk to enjoy the great weather before the long drive home.  We found a nice beach between Morro Bay and Cayucos, which turned out to be a dog beach.  We stayed in the dunes and off the beaten path to avoid the dogs and in that process found an awesome human-made fort made out of driftwood!!   I had a blast exploring everything, climbing and sniffing around, finding all the ways in and out.

This is were our journey gets a bit crazy.  After an enjoyable 45 minutes on this beautiful beach having absolutely no issues, I had my first bad dog encounter.  We were about the walk back to the Majestic when a smaller dog decided to confront me.  I was really scared and since I was on a leash, I couldn’t run away as I hoped.  Instead I hissed and defended myself, but the dog wouldn’t leave me alone and kept trying to bite me!  Meowmy tried to pick me up to get me away from the dog, but I accidentally scratched her hand and arm.  The dog owner, who wasn’t doing anything to help the situation up until then, finally stepped in and got his dog to leave me alone.  I was really shook up from the experience, so my human and I waited until the path back to the vehicles was clear of people, and more importantly, free of dogs.  Meowmy picked me up and just as we got to the parking lot, a big truck drove in with a HUGE dog in the back.  I kind of freaked out and dug my claws into my human’s head until we got to the RV where I could finally relax.  Poor Meowmy had to clean out all the wounds and I felt so bad that I did that to her.  But she was so understanding and let me lay on her lap the whole drive home, enjoying some more ocean views along the way, including San Simeon and Ragged Point.

Despite the dog incident, I had a great time on my first roadtrip and look forward to the next one!


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