RV Meetup at Baywinds Park

This past Sunday, Meowmy drove us to Baywinds Park in Foster City for an SF Vanabonds & SF Bay Area RVLife Mobile Chapter Meetup.  From what I understand, this area is well-known for windsurfing and it’s right along the Mariners Point Golf Center.  It was cool to see so many people that live in their vans and truck campers!  There was a few dogs there on leashes, so I mainly stayed in the grassy area and in a bush while Meowmy chatted with everyone.  I got to look inside a few of the vehicles and it was pretty neat to see them all lined up in a row with everyone checking out everyone else’s rig.  We made a lot of new friends, including Dan, a former wrestler from Michigan living in a van, and Anastacia and Trevor, who make awesome grilled cheese sandwiches at Burning Man, plus there was talk about meeting up monthly, which is pretty exciting.




  1. Chris

    Great! Hey, I go to Baywinds in the summer to kiteboard. I’m joining the #VanLife in June (my rig is under construction now), and I have a meow too. Can’t wait. Let’s hang out.


    • Chris, we can’t wait to meet you! Even if you don’t have a rig, you should come to the next meetup anyways to meet the group. You don’t have to have your rig ready to participate! Plus I like meeting other meows that live (part-time or full-time) in rigs!


      • Chris

        I definitely will show up to the next one planned! I need some validation that my pending life choices aren’t crazy LOL, I can’t back out now, I already signed and put down a deposit! I’ve been downsizing my apartment / lifestyle for 2 months now, and I’m ready


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