Crissy Field Beach Meetups

Last month Meowmy took me to Crissy Field Beach in San Francisco for two meetups.  The first one was an impromptu one on Thurs March 9.  It was a beautiful day with some minor winds and I got to meet Finding Simon, a photographer from Ottawa, Canada living in an old camper van exploring the world and vlogging about his travels.  He was there with his dog Champ, another van dweller, and our buddy Jesse, who’s organizes the SF Bay Area RVLife Mobile Chapter.  We enjoyed the beach and a potluck dinner with a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Simon took this amazing photo of the bridge at night with all its lights reflecting on the water.  He also posted a cool video of his day in San Francisco, which shows the potluck dinner and Meowmy at the way end.

A few weeks later on Sun March 26, we drove up to the same spot for Nathan’s Van Coronation with the SF Vanabonds.  Approximately 10 vans & RV’s showed up for this get-together and it was cool to see the progress some of the van dwellers did on their rigs.  Meowmy got to show off our new kitty backpack in which I look like a space kitty.  It was a huge hit!  Not sure I’m sold on the backpack idea, but I know it’s a safe way for me to be outside when there’s a lot of people and dogs around.  At least I look cool in it, so that’s a plus!  On a side note, Meowmy also takes me on her bike rides in the blue backpack.

I keep telling my human that we’re due for a longer trip.  I think she’s coming up with a plan to go somewhere in June for a week or two.  She often mentions how pretty the Eastern Sierras are so hopefully that’s where we will go.  I’ll keep you all posted.

Meows and purrs to all our readers.  We just hit 1000 Instagram followers and the account grows daily!!!  I’ve heard cats are popular on the internet, even though I’m not sure what that is…

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