Lake Tahoe & Eastern Sierra Trip

Very behind on posting this!  Meowmy and I took  a week long trip to Lake Tahoe and the Eastern Sierra back in June.  We saw so many beautiful places and explored a bunch of lakes in the region.  Meowmy even swam in all but one of the lakes, even though they were really cold!  I’m pretty sure she loves to swim and doesn’t mind the cold water.  We also had some engine trouble en route to Bridgeport, but we met the nicest mechanic in this small town the fixed the coil pack on the 7th cylinder and we were back on the road a few hours later.  Did I mention I walked on snow!!! It’s this white fluffy stuff on the ground in the mountains. At first I didn’t understand what this white, cold, and wet substance was but Meowmy tried to explain it to me and said it falls from the sky when it’s really cold out, kind of like solid rain. I even left the state of California and officially been in Nevada where there’s lots of neon lights and something called gambling.  Uncle Eric had met up with us by then and I heard him and Meowmy talking about losing money on black jack.  I hope you enjoy all the pics of our journey into this beautiful area that we need to explore more in the future.

Donner Pass & Donner Lake:


Meeks Bay, Lake Tahoe:


Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe:


Topaz Lake & Bridgeport:


Mono Lake, Lee Vining:


June Lake & Gull Lake:


Mammoth Mountain & Mammoth Lakes:


Convict Lake:


Rock Creek Lake:


Hot Creek Geological Site:


Hilltop Hot Spring (aka Pulkey’s Pool):


Big Virginia Lake:


Walker River & Entering Nevada:


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