Death Valley & Alabama Hills Trip

Early last month, Meowmy and I took another trip down to Southern California, this time with the objective to see Death Valley and the Alabama Hills.  We started out driving South on Highway 101 while the sun was rising, ending up in San Simeon to check out Hearst Castle.  I chilled in the RV while Meowmy took the tour of the house, gardens, and pools.  I heard my human grumbling when she got back about Neptune Pool being under construction, but it sounded like the Roman Pool was gorgeous.  Meowmy was also bummed that she didn’t see any zebras roaming the hills since they are supposedly abundant on the castle lands. We had lunch by the ocean but sadly the fog rolled in and made it very misty.  We then headed to Paso Robles to visit our friend Heather and spent the night there.

The next day we headed to Ventura and Agoura Hills to meet up with Meowmy’s college friend Lisa.  After exploring the neighborhood a bit, my human took off to see some tribute band called Led ZepAgain at the Canyon Club.  Plus we spent Easter Sunday with Lisa at Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas.

The following day we had a really windy drive through Mojave, but totally worth it to see Red Rock Canyon Park, where Meowmy took me for a beautiful hike.  Then we continued on to Death Valley National Park, making it just in time for dinner and sunset at our campground.  Meowmy told me it’s quite amazing that you go from 4,500 feet to sea level in such a short drive.  I enjoyed a lovely sunset walk and we met some cool camping neighbors in Stovepipe Wells.  The next morning we drove to Zabriskie Point to see the view of the badlands, then headed out with a quick stop at Father Crowley Viewpoint.

We spent the afternoon in Lone Pine at a nice park where we met a hippie couple named Diva and Bram who were quite friendly.  Then we headed into the Alabama Hills to check out Mobius Arch and the interesting landscape around there.  There’s even a rock that’s heart-shaped!  Meowmy drove down some bumpy dirt road until we found a spectacular overnight spot with a view of the Eastern Sierra mountain range and Mount Whitney, which is the highest summit in the contiguous United States!  Meowmy made friends with other boondockers named Younghee and Willie hanging around a campfire, while I chased little mice around.  Meowmy & I really loved it there and can’t wait to come back!

The next morning we took off for Bishop, where Meowmy had a delicious sandwich from Schat’s Bakery.  From there we headed to Bakersfield to meet up with another college friend named Mike, who took Meowmy to a nice basque dinner.  After a peaceful night’s rest, we drove passed the infamous James Dean Memorial Junction as we headed back to Paso Robles for another visit with Heather,  and then we headed home the next morning.

Another great trip for this adventure kitty!  Meows to all my readers!

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