Lassen Volcanic National Park & Lake Almanor

After our lava adventures last October, Meowmy took us to Lassen Volcanic National Park.  First we hit the Subway Cave in Lassen National Forest.  Since I’m a cat, I don’t get to explore these caves in order to not disturb the bat ecosystem, but Meowmy walked the 1/3 mile long cave and took some awesome photos.  It really does look like a subway tunnel!

From there we headed to Manzanita Lake Campground where we spent the night.  Being that it was now officially off-season, the campground was only partially full and very quiet.  Meowmy made a lovely campfire for us while I explored the forest.

We woke up to blue skies the next morning, so Meowmy walked the trail around the stunningly beautiful lake.  Did you know that Manzanita Lake is one of the most photographed lakes in Lassen and the centerpiece of the park’s main visitor area?  Trust me, it’s easily worth a week long camping trip.

After the trail hike, Meowmy and I took off down the main road through Lassen, stopping at all the various points of interest, starting with gorgeous view of Chaos Crags, the youngest group of lava domes in Lassen.  From there we hit the Devastated Area interpretive trail, an easy walk that introduces visitors to effects of the Lassen Peak eruptions and offers excellent views of the east side of Lassen Peak.  Then we headed to Kings Creek, Brokeoff Mountain, and Sulphur Works.  We almost did the hike to Lassen Peak but due to weather and the peak being covered in thick fog, we decided against it.  Sadly Bumpass Hell Trail is closed as they rebuild the boardwalk, so we didn’t get to see the cool geothermal activity there.  We’ve heard it’s the best part of Lassen.

After leaving Lassen, we headed to Lake Almanor, near Chester, California.  We found a wonderful overnight spot right along the lake.  Normally we wouldn’t have stayed there since this area is well-patrolled during the high season, but since it was off-season and the lake campgrounds were already closed, we decided to risk it.  Meowmy and I watched a beautiful sunset and I chased little forest animals around.  What a perfect end to a great trip!

As hard as it was to leave this gorgeous place, we left the next morning, taking the scenic route home along the Feather River.  I can’t wait for our next adventure, though Meowmy is selling the Majestic RV in order to get a custom van conversion built.  I know she’s really excited, so I’m excited too!


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