Vanlife App Meetup & Superbloom

As always, I’m very late posting. I’m a cat, so I don’t really understand how time works for humans, plus I spend a lot of time sleeping, as cats do. I hope you bear with me as I catch you up on our 2019 adventures!

In late March, Meowmy took me and my favorite cat sitter Devin to Santa Barbara County on a beautiful stretch of land near New Cuyama for a vanlife meetup. The ride down was a bit nerving due to all the wind, but once we arrived, it was a haven of vans, skoolies, and various other types of vehicles! Everyone was in great spirits, ready to bond with one another and enjoy time together as a community with a variety of events lined up. There was a swap meet, a raffle, a potluck dinner, sunrise meditation, pancake breakfast, and various panels about vanlife, sustainability, and more! Turns out the meetup was The Vanlife App Launch Party, which is a cool new app that vanlife humans can use to find one another, build community, and share tips and places. Every night there was a big bonfire with live music by Moxi & Loon, two vanlifers that met and started a band. Meowmy and Devin kept talking about how good the duo was, but to me all human music sounds weird. There were a lot of dogs around (many not on leash despite the rules), so I stayed in the RV a lot, but we did go for some nice walk into the fields away from chaos.  There was even a white kitty named Cash that hung out in a cage outside a van! I know that Meowmy and Devin had a great time, but I would have preferred a place with less dogs. Why is it that many dog owners don’t feel the need to follow leash laws? Dogs aren’t the only pets that humans have in vans and we should all get equal time outside!

We could see some of the spring wildflower bloom  in the mountains, but heard from the land owners that it was even more spectacular on the other side and that we should take the detour home, which we did.  We drove through the Carrizo Plain National Monument to see all the stunning yellow flowers EVERYWHERE! I got to play in the pretty flowers and do a photoshoot with my brand new Fat Cat Backpack. Let’s just say that I look good with yellow flowers surrounding me! Meowmy said that the superbloom was so incredible, one could see it from space; can you imagine that? On a side note, space sounds so empty and scary but I’m sure the view of our Earth-ball would be cool. The detour turned out to be 4 extra hours of driving with a good stretch of bumpy dirt road, but we also stopped the see the San Andreas fault, which was quite interesting for the humans for some reason.

Meowmy sold the Majestic RV back in May and bought a new Sprinter van which is getting custom built up for us. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!  Meowmy will be posting about the build on her Instagram, so I recommend you follow her if that interests you.

I hope you enjoy our pictures and continue to read about our travels despite my sporadic posting.  It would be great it you followed my blog to get notified when I do post so you don’t miss anything.


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