Bay Area Cat Adventure Club Meetups

In early 2019, Meowmy found out about a local adventure cat meetup through Instagram.  We went to our first “cat hike” with the Bay Area Cat Adventure Club on January 21, 2019.  We met up at Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley at the Vollmer Peak Trail.  I got to meet 5 other cats that like to go on adventures with their humans!  Let’s just say we didn’t all get along, but we all hung out together at this cool tree while our humans bonded.

For 30 minutes we had no issues.  Dogs on leashes passed us by without problems.  But then came a human with three dogs off leash.  Our humans saw him coming and warned him that there were a bunch of cats hanging out by the tree and he said not to worry, that his dogs are well trained.  I was closest to the trail and Meowmy instantly blocked me from the dogs, but then two of them decided to flank me from both sides.  Meowmy did her best to keep them away, but as you can imagine, I freaked out!  I couldn’t run away because I was on leash, so the whole situation was terrifying.  The dog owner finally grabbed his dogs away and Meowmy had grabbed me as well to calm me down, but I did accidentally claw up her hand real good and she was bleeding.  When the dogs were gone, Meowmy let go of my leash so she could tend to her wounds, at which point I ran up the tree really high and decided to stay there.  Can you blame me?!?

Meowmy coaxed me for an hour to come down, but I was not moving.  She finally called a tree service to come get me out of the tree.  When I saw the man climb up the tree next to me, I decided to come down on my own and Meowmy was so happy when I was finally in her arms.  Let’s just say that dog owners that don’t follow leash laws ruin it for others!

On June 1, 2019, the Bay Area Cat Adventure Club had another meetup for Give Your Cat The World Week, sponsored by CatExplorer.  This time we all met at Calicraft Brewing Co in Walnut Creek.  We were at a table furthest away from the brewery with a nice grass field next to us, which made it easier for the cats and owners to hang out in peace.  There was a total of 9 cats (including me) and our humans were getting to know one another and all the cats for a few hours.  I chilled in my cat backpack the whole time and got a lot of attention from the humans.  At the end, everyone decided to take a group photo, which was hilarious because the cats were not that excited about the idea.  There are so many photos to check out from that afternoon!

There hasn’t been a meetup since, but Meowmy might organize one soon in 2020!  MEOW!

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