New Van, New Adventures Coming!

Meowmy wanted me to tell you about our new van!  That’s right, I am going from being an RV Kitty to a Van Cat!

The main reason I haven’t been posting much about travels is because Meowmy and I didn’t go on many trips in 2019, and now with COVID in 2020, we are once again stationary, spending time at home.

After driving the 20 ft Mini-Class C RV we had for 2.5 years and approximately 19,000 miles, Meowmy decided to sell it in Spring 2019 and she found a good home for the motorhome with a nice young couple.  Then she started her search for a Sprinter van and the perfect van builder to make her vision a reality.  That whole process took almost a year!

If you’re the type of person that likes reading about van builds, then we encourage you to check out the whole story, with all the details on every component of the build.  The van looks amazing and will be more versatile for trips, plus the ride isn’t as bumpy as the RV was since the van handles more like a car.  Best part is the license plate: VANMEOW

We also got our first stickers in!  Let me know what you think of the design, courtesy of our roomie Devin! If you would like a sticker, we’d be happy to mail you a few.

Pretty soon we will take the new Sprinter on some trips and I can share those stories with you.  In the meantime, I hope you’re all staying safe!



  1. Mark Swongo

    Loved this post! Our Ginger sends her best to VanMeow and wishes she could go with you, but we are locked down here in LA! All the best to you and the van looks awesome!


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