Maverick is a tuxedo adventure cat from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, who travels with his human to explore this beautiful world in a Thor Majestic 19G RV.

Maverick was born on March 22, 2016, and found with his three litter mates by 13th Street Cat Rescue, from which he was adopted by local band manager and music promoter Barb Rocks in September that same year.  Even though the rescue shelter decided to name him Wyatt, his new human owner changed it to Maverick to suit his independent and bold spirit.  Upon hearing his new name, Maverick meowed right away, as if this newly adopted kitten knew he was meant for great things.

Being that Maverick was not only the perfect companion cat but also quite adventurous, his human mom (aka Meowmy) decided to take him on her RV travels and blog about it.  Figuring the storyline would be much more interesting from a cats point of view, this blog was created to document those travels with beautiful pictures.

There was only one name that could encompass such a spirited cat and his adventures in the appropriately named RV — Majestic Maverick!  We hope you enjoy the stories and encourage you to follow along on our social media accounts as well: @mavericktux on both Instagram and Twitter.

Happy Travels!!

Let’s not forget the baby kitty pics including the litter mates!